Donald Trump’s Brilliant Advice for Homeowners

“The Donald explains why homeowners should take advantage of this program”

November 20, 2015

“When Donald Trump speaks, people listen, and what The Donald has to say about mortgage interest rates could help you save a considerable amount of money.

Recently, Trump made claims that the Federal Reserve is keeping interest rates artificially low for political reason and he offered smart homeowners a roadmap for how they can take advantage of historically low interest rates. Speaking on Bloomberg TV’s “With All Due Respect,” Trump said that as a property developer he has “always loved” low interest rates because they allow his businesses to borrow money cheaply and bring down the interest payments on mortgages on his properties.

But, Trump knows that these low rates can’t last forever. “I’m just saying at some point, you have to raise interest rates,” claims Trump, and he predicts it will occur after the next election cycle. The secret is to lock in your low rate now, before rates go up.”

Think Like Trump
So how can you “Think like Trump” and take advantage of these low rates? One of the best ways to check if you can refinance your loan with the HARP refinance program. Visitors that check The Easy Loan Site1 can often be shocked at how much they can save on their mortgage.”