New Proposal Would Claim the Title for Seattle’s Tallest Building

Of a while, the world’s tallest towers have been found largely in Asia and the Middle East. It is here that towers of over 1,000 feet in height have become the hallmark of major metropolitan areas. At present, the closest that Seattle comes to this level is the 933-foot Columbia Center tower, which represents the tallest building in the Pacific Northwest. However, the Emerald City may soon join the supertower club.

Crescent Heights, a Miami-based developer, has filed plans with Seattle to construct a condo building that will reach a whopping 1,111 feet above the ground. When completed, it would be the tallest skyscraper on the West Coast.

According to Ron Klemencic, CEO of Magnusson Klemencic Associates, “Everybody seems to need a 1,000-foot tower these days. It seems like a fundamental shift. I don’t think it’s a fad.” Indeed, with home prices in Seattle climbing higher and higher, it only seems logical that commercial real estate should follow suit.

At present, there are eleven other supertowers going up throughout the United States. Eight of these are in New York City, while the other three are being built in Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.